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Fabulous Fall!

23 Sep

Yesterday was the first day of fall and I couldn’t be more excited!  Not that I don’t enjoy summer, it is a good season, but it just doesn’t compare to fall.

First of all, it’s football season, and I’m a huge fan.  I love nothing more than parking myself on the couch, opening the windows for a nice cool breeze, having a bowl of chili, and watching football all day on Sunday.  It’s fun and very relaxing, especially when I’m snuggled up in flannel and soft blankets.  What’s even more awesome is that my daughter is right there on the couch next to me.

Second of all, the weather cools down and it’s not super hot and humid.  I do like warmer temps, green grass, and beautiful flowers, but I don’t like sweating the minute I walk outside.  What’s worse is then you walk into a restaurant or shopping mall and freeze because they have the air conditioning cranked.

Lastly, I love fall for the beautiful scenery it provides.  There’s nothing like the brilliant colors that nature provides on the trees and shrubs.  It’s like they’re giving their best and final performance before retirement.  The last, beautiful hurrah before winter arrives.

You Know You’re Doing a Good Job at Parenting When…

14 Sep
  • You tell them not to ever rely on someone to take care of them but when you jokingly mention having a sugar daddy they say, “Mom….remember what you said about women taking care of themselves?”
  • They act like the devil’s spawn at home but are angels at school or at a friend’s house
  • They leave you little inspirational notes in your work bag because they want you to have a good day
  • You’re frustrated with something and they pat you on the shoulder and say, “It’s okay.”
  • You wake up in the morning to them making breakfast, and it actually tastes good!
  • They don’t destroy the kitchen in the process!
  • They hold the door open for someone, pick up litter, and say please, thank you, and excuse me.
  • Offer to help with chores because to them, it’s fun!
  • As a single parent, despite the challenges, they are turning out to be well-adjusted, happy, intelligent, and caring individuals.