Moving Madness

5 Oct

Two weeks from today I will be moving.  Am I excited?  Yes and no.  Am I ready?  Um, no.  I’ve made a good dent in the packing arena but still have a ways to go before the movers show up.

You think you’re making good progress, and then you open the drawers and closets.  I just moved a year ago, yet we have somehow managed to accumulate crap that I need to either pack or dump.  Of course, my daughter wants to keep everything, so this weekend when she’s gone some things may “disappear”.

I feel committed to the move now because I completed the change of address forms.  It’s official with the federal government (okay, the US Postal Service) that I am moving on.  I hope the underwriters understand the level of commitment I just made and will not throw any last minute hurdles in my way to the closing finish line!


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