The Excitement and Bribes of Moving

12 Oct

My daughter and I are moving next week…yikes!!  Of course, I’m not ready, but will need to be soon! Now that it’s getting closer, we are both excited, and nervous.  I’m more anxious about the closing and the move.  She’s more worried about her room and switching schools next year.

When I first mentioned the townhouse, she was thrilled…until she found out she’d have to transfer schools.  It then became a defiant, “No way, Mom!”  That is, until the bribes started dribbling out of my mouth.

I told her she could decorate her room however she liked.  Purple and pink walls?  Great!  Posters of One Direction and Fifth Harmony everywhere?  Fantastic.  Then the list of wants appeared….new bedding, a desk, a nightstand, a beanbag chair, etc.  All I see are the credit cards crying with all of the requests.

However, if a few of these things make her feel better and more comfortable with the move, then I’m okay with it.  I went to three different elementary schools and never moved, they just kept switching boundaries.  I know how it is to be the new kid in school and being scared and nervous.

It’s just nice to be able to own again and not pay the sky-high rent and get nothing out of it but another big bill.  I will have a home where I can invest in our future, and that’s a very comforting and satisfying feeling.  🙂

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