You’re a Hard Habit to Break

8 Dec

No, it’s not the hit song by Chicago, even though it was a favorite in the 1980s.  It’s about me, and my love of food and “happy beverages”.  When I’m stressed, happy, sad, content, etc. these are my go-to items. However, the stress and sadness increase the desire to consume them exponentially. Hence, my reason for wanting to lose weight.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and my desire for chips and Miller Lite would magically disappear.  When I’m stressed or bummed out, why can’t I crave broccoli and a meditation app on my iPhone?

The one saving grace is I have a tool on my phone which allows me to scan the bar code of a product in the store, so I know if I should put it in my cart or leave it on the shelf.  I know all too well if it makes it into the cart, it will end up in my house and in my mouth.

It’s obvious a bag of Cheetos is bad, but it’s tricky with other products like yogurt, which can be loaded with sugar. I loved Chobani Flips, until I found out the number of SmartPoints.  That’s what I used to always have for breakfast, not anymore!

I realize it’s not a quick fix, but a journey to better health and a better me.  I just wish the journey was down the block, not across the country!

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