Arctic Slap

15 Dec

Here in Minnesota, we had been very spoiled by a beautiful, extended fall.  You know winter is on the horizon, but you secretly hope fall will continue into the holiday season so we can golf over winter break.

Suddenly, Mother Nature snaps her fingers and we’re smacked with winter.  If you’re new to Minnesota, you were previously thinking, “Hey, this isn’t so bad!  Why was everyone warning me about these harsh winters?”  Now?  “Ack!  This sucks!  I can’t feel my face!  The roads are slippery!  Why did I move here?!”

Even as a native Minnesotan, I am never prepared for the winter season.  I’m always in denial it will happen, and then all of a sudden, you’re buried in it.  What doesn’t help is the media going crazy saying, “The Polar Vortex is back!   We’re in for a cold winter, brace yourself!”.

I just want to reach through the TV screen and strangle them.  It’s not the Polar Vortex, it’s called winter in Minnesota, you idiots.  Just stop freaking people out thinking it’s Armageddon.  It’s cold and snowy.  Whoopee!

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