The Toys to Makeup Express

5 Jan

As I was putting the Christmas decorations away for another year, I was reflecting back on the presents I bought for my daughter, and how they compared to 12 months ago.

Last Christmas, every gift request was circled in the Toys ‘R Us catalog, a one-stop shop for presents.  She was so excited to get puzzles, games, and dolls.  Little girl items wanted by a little girl.

This Christmas, the items highlighted were makeup, nail polish, a flatiron, and hair accessories in several beauty ads.   We went from the toy catalog to the makeup counter at Macy’s.  What happened?!

Granted, she’s too young to wear makeup, but she really likes to play and treat her mom to “makeovers”.  I think it’s just crazy the quick transition from Legos to eye shadow collections.  The You Tube videos went from Let’s Dance to makeup tutorials.

Some days, I feel like she’s 9 going on 13.  Is it just my imagination, or are kids growing up faster nowadays?  Then again, I remember being obsessed with makeup, jewelry, and clothes when I was a kid.  Me and my friends would play dress up and pretend to go out “on the town” with our Prince Charmings.

So, maybe things aren’t so different and the only difference is, I’m the parent watching my child growing out of kid years and heading towards teenage years.  It goes way too fast and before I know it, she will be off to college and I will become the crazy cat lady.  🙂

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