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46 Year-Old Eggs For Sale?

25 May

Okay, this is a joke…kind of. I’m thinking of getting a part-time job to pay off bills and save money for the future. Problem is, being a single parent and having my daughter the majority of the time, I don’t have a ton of hours to work outside of my full-time job.

So, I thought I would get creative to see what jobs I could find with my limited time available and that actually pay a decent wage. There are opportunities out there, but you have to be careful because all are clearly not legit.

I would love to work from home doing computer work, but am leery of these companies that promise you the moon and the stars. Are they for real or is it a total scam? I then looked at other opportunities, such as donating plasma.

You can get paid up to $300 per month donating. Great! Sounds easy enough so sign me up! Well….not all is at it appears. I went to the clinic and it was an experience and education.

The initial visit is at least two hours and you may/may not get to donate depending on the outcome of the binder you read, the video you watch, and the medical assessment you go through.  There are lots of questions to answer, including one where they asked me if I had ever been paid for sex. My answer was no, but my response to the technician, “Hah! I wish!”

Granted, these are all very important questions, but frustrating when you’re ruled out after hours of complying and waiting because you’re taking antibiotics for a few days. Why couldn’t I have been told that in the binder I read when I walked in the door?!

After that, I joked that maybe I could sell my eggs? Isn’t there a market for people who cannot conceive on their own? I’m sure they’re worth quite a bit. Then I remember, “Oh, that’s right. I’m 46 not 25. Mine are all old and shriveled up. I couldn’t sell them if I wanted to.”

Well, there goes the easy and entertaining ways to earn extra money. Guess I’ll have to go the boring route and get a real part-time job. Hello Uber!  😉

Doctor Schmockter

4 May

For those of you who don’t know me, or know me well, I am incredibly stubborn. I want to run the show and I don’t want to be told what to do…ever. I will however, listen and follow rules when necessary (i.e. I’d like to keep my job and stay out of trouble with the law).

When it comes to not feeling well or being full-blown sick, I like to think I don’t need the doctor and can take care of it on my own. This does work at times, but when it doesn’t, it makes me want to kick my stubborn butt into the next county.

For example, a couple of years ago, I was working a tech job at a local high school. I thought I had come down with a bad cough, so I loaded up on over the counter meds. It was only after the school nurse told me I had a 104 degree fever and to head straight to urgent care, did I learn I had pneumonia. I was down for the count for a couple of weeks. Oops.

This past week, I was having an issue with something all women have dealt with. Usually, I can treat it on my own with store-bought meds and a ton of cranberry juice. After several days, no improvement, and my tolerance for pain was gone, I caved and went to

If you’ve never checked out the site, I highly recommend it. It’s perfect for common ailments that you don’t want to wait in urgent care for two hours to get treated. I logged in, gave my symptoms, and in 30 minutes, I had a treatment plan and a prescription filled. Nice!

So, is there a moral to the story? I don’t know. Part of me likes to think I can still self-treat, but at the same time, I could probably save a lot of time and money if I just “buck up” and use the health benefits I pay for.