Workaholic Madness

17 Jun

Soon I will be starting a part-time serving job to pay off bills, which is in addition to my full-time day job. Am I excited? Yes and no. It will definitely help money-wise but it will be a huge adjustment.

Currently, I have my daughter the majority of the time. That will change once I start this part-time job. Her dad and I will go to an every other week schedule. There’s part of me that is so sad to have less time with her. The guilt at times is too much.

However, I know this is a short-term situation and in the end it will benefit both of us to pay off some debt and have money to do fun stuff. The thought of working 70 hour work weeks twice a month is cringe worthy, but there will be benefits.

It will be an opportunity for me to meet new people and learn about the restaurant industry, including food and wine pairings, which is fun and interesting. I will be on my feet for the entire shift, several days per week. So, this will be a great way to be paid to exercise. Also, there will be little time to park my butt on the couch to watch TV and snack! 🙂


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