Third Job’s the Charm?

12 Aug

Hey, I figured it wasn’t enough to have a full-time and one part-time job so why not add another part-time job? I mean seriously…who doesn’t like to work, right?

Well, that’s not exactly the truth. The reality is being a server is very hard work and this old body and brain can’t handle it. At the end of a shift, I am mentally and physically exhausted and can wring the sweat out of my uniform.

There’s a reason why I’m the mom of the servers…they’re all high school and college kids who run circles around me. They’re done with a shift and ready to hit the town while I’m ready to hit my bed.

So, I’m scaling back my hours there and working for a delivery service at a SuperTarget. I’m still running around getting items for clients, but I don’t have the mental stress of managing several tables, dealing with demanding members, all while wearing a flight attendant grin.

Does the shopping pay the same as being a server? Nope. Will I have my sanity and freedom from back pain at the end of a shift? Yes. We’ll see how it goes but for now, these two jobs are a nice compliment to each other and don’t interfere with my day job or time with my daughter so why not?

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