Celebrity Treatment

3 Nov

After a couple of exhausting weeks closing, packing, moving, and unpacking, I was ready to get a haircut/color.  My dear friend Anne recommended her niece and I thought I would give her a try.  Hairstylists are like doctors and dentists…you always need a referral.  These are not people you Google.

Steph was not only very nice, kind, and talented, she treated me like I was a darn celebrity in Beverly Hills.  I kid you not.  I cannot remember the last time I was so spoiled and not maxing out a credit card.

I threw ideas out for a color and cut, and we found something that was fun and edgy, out of my comfort zone.  Not crazy, but not conservative mom either.  While the color is processing, I’m not only treated to beverages and good magazines that aren’t from six months ago, but also to a warm neck pillow/massage thingy.  It was great.

Then came the shampoo.  This is not the typical pour it on and rinse it out.  It’s a scalp massage and ton of lather that would put most people to sleep.  Then came the towel over the eyes and the hand massages.  I was now falling into a deep coma.  I kept thinking, “Am I in Eden Prairie, or at the Ritz Carlton in New York?”

We get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else in our lives, we forget that we need to take care and spoil ourselves once in awhile.  There’s nothing wrong with making time to relax and focus on our insides and stop worrying about everything on our outsides.

I am so looking forward to my next appointment…a moment to feel like a pampered celeb without the sky-high price tag.

The Excitement and Bribes of Moving

12 Oct

My daughter and I are moving next week…yikes!!  Of course, I’m not ready, but will need to be soon! Now that it’s getting closer, we are both excited, and nervous.  I’m more anxious about the closing and the move.  She’s more worried about her room and switching schools next year.

When I first mentioned the townhouse, she was thrilled…until she found out she’d have to transfer schools.  It then became a defiant, “No way, Mom!”  That is, until the bribes started dribbling out of my mouth.

I told her she could decorate her room however she liked.  Purple and pink walls?  Great!  Posters of One Direction and Fifth Harmony everywhere?  Fantastic.  Then the list of wants appeared….new bedding, a desk, a nightstand, a beanbag chair, etc.  All I see are the credit cards crying with all of the requests.

However, if a few of these things make her feel better and more comfortable with the move, then I’m okay with it.  I went to three different elementary schools and never moved, they just kept switching boundaries.  I know how it is to be the new kid in school and being scared and nervous.

It’s just nice to be able to own again and not pay the sky-high rent and get nothing out of it but another big bill.  I will have a home where I can invest in our future, and that’s a very comforting and satisfying feeling.  🙂

Moving Madness

5 Oct

Two weeks from today I will be moving.  Am I excited?  Yes and no.  Am I ready?  Um, no.  I’ve made a good dent in the packing arena but still have a ways to go before the movers show up.

You think you’re making good progress, and then you open the drawers and closets.  I just moved a year ago, yet we have somehow managed to accumulate crap that I need to either pack or dump.  Of course, my daughter wants to keep everything, so this weekend when she’s gone some things may “disappear”.

I feel committed to the move now because I completed the change of address forms.  It’s official with the federal government (okay, the US Postal Service) that I am moving on.  I hope the underwriters understand the level of commitment I just made and will not throw any last minute hurdles in my way to the closing finish line!


Fabulous Fall!

23 Sep

Yesterday was the first day of fall and I couldn’t be more excited!  Not that I don’t enjoy summer, it is a good season, but it just doesn’t compare to fall.

First of all, it’s football season, and I’m a huge fan.  I love nothing more than parking myself on the couch, opening the windows for a nice cool breeze, having a bowl of chili, and watching football all day on Sunday.  It’s fun and very relaxing, especially when I’m snuggled up in flannel and soft blankets.  What’s even more awesome is that my daughter is right there on the couch next to me.

Second of all, the weather cools down and it’s not super hot and humid.  I do like warmer temps, green grass, and beautiful flowers, but I don’t like sweating the minute I walk outside.  What’s worse is then you walk into a restaurant or shopping mall and freeze because they have the air conditioning cranked.

Lastly, I love fall for the beautiful scenery it provides.  There’s nothing like the brilliant colors that nature provides on the trees and shrubs.  It’s like they’re giving their best and final performance before retirement.  The last, beautiful hurrah before winter arrives.

You Know You’re Doing a Good Job at Parenting When…

14 Sep
  • You tell them not to ever rely on someone to take care of them but when you jokingly mention having a sugar daddy they say, “Mom….remember what you said about women taking care of themselves?”
  • They act like the devil’s spawn at home but are angels at school or at a friend’s house
  • They leave you little inspirational notes in your work bag because they want you to have a good day
  • You’re frustrated with something and they pat you on the shoulder and say, “It’s okay.”
  • You wake up in the morning to them making breakfast, and it actually tastes good!
  • They don’t destroy the kitchen in the process!
  • They hold the door open for someone, pick up litter, and say please, thank you, and excuse me.
  • Offer to help with chores because to them, it’s fun!
  • As a single parent, despite the challenges, they are turning out to be well-adjusted, happy, intelligent, and caring individuals.

Loosen Up! Roll it Down!

31 Aug

The last couple of days in the Twin Cities have been nothing short of spectacular…or according to a local meteorologist, “A Top 10 Weather Day!!!”

So, as I’m driving in to work, I’m noticing something.  Out of the hundreds of cars on the freeway with me, I think maybe three of us had our windows rolled down.  It’s cool, low humidity, perfect “rolled-down window” conditions, yet they’re buttoned up like a cardigan in December.

I’m cruising along with the window down and the tunes cranked.  It’s kind of like a motorized nightclub, and I love it.  While the rest of the commuters are locked up, rolled up, and air-conditioned in their vehicle cocoons, I’m opening up and rocking out like it’s 1999!

I figure the commute is stressful enough so why not enjoy it and let the breeze in and the music out?  I’m thinking tomorrow I might blast the Macarena or YMCA in the car and see if anyone has the urge to have a front-seat-dance along (safely of course for all of you concerned motorists).  🙂

It’s State Fair Time!

24 Aug

I am SO excited!  Even though I’m sad it’s nearing the end of summer (where the f*&k did it go?!), I’m so pumped for the MN State Fair.  It’s a tradition and I think there’s only been a couple of years when I have not attended.

Now, I have my daughter hooked on it and she can’t wait to visit.  Hopefully, the weather will be better than last year, when we bailed by lunchtime because it was so dang hot!

There is basically the same “crap” every year, but it doesn’t matter….it’s still so much fun to try the new foods and people watch.  Actually, that is the favorite part of the fair for me.  I really enjoy seeing all walks of life taking in the sights and sounds and enjoying the great Minnesota Get Together.

My daughter always wants to check out the animal barns and I want to hit the Creative Arts building.  She’s amazed by horses and cows and I’m amazed by the creativity and talent of Minnesotans.

Then there is the Midway….she wants to go on all of the rides, and I’m telling her the one or two I will actually get on.  The giant slide isn’t in the Midway, but it should be.  That darn thing was a blast when I was a little kid and continues to be…I still have a scar on my elbow from rubbing against the slide to prove it!

How I’ve progressed from being a kid pulled around the fair in a little red wagon to being an adult and showing my daughter the sights and sounds of the last hurrah of summer.  It was, and will continue to be, the best ending to a Minnesota season.  🙂


Third Time’s The Charm

17 Aug

The last few weeks, I have been looking to purchase a home, after I found out my already high rent was going to become ridiculously high rent.  I love our place and the location is awesome, but it’s insane to pay the same amount for a one-bedroom apartment as you would for a decent house in the suburbs.

The first place I looked at was secured after several go-arounds with the sellers.  It did kind of creep me out a woman died in there, but I figured the price was right so I can get over it.  The deal fell through after I couldn’t obtain pre-approval due to the crazy stringent guidelines underwriters now follow.  Before the market crash, they’d give out mortgages like free gifts at the state fair.  Not anymore.  You pretty much have to give up your first born to get one today.

The second place was in a very nice community and at a reasonable price.  However, when we were told the condo was “in a little rough shape”, that was the understatement of the century.  This unit could’ve been featured on the show Hoarders.  It was so disgusting I had to breathe through my mouth so I wouldn’t gag.

We knew the condo would need to be gutted so we offered a lower price.  The seller and realtor had never seen the unit and had no clue how awful it was.  They refused to gut it and replace broken appliances so I walked away.

Frustrated by this jerky seller, I hit the web again and found a townhouse in a nearby community and in the same school district.  It was right in my price range and needed some updating, but nothing that some paint and decorating can’t fix.

I submitted an offer and crossed my fingers.  There were no other offers on the table.  I was cautiously optimistic.  That’s when a text came in from my realtor saying a last minute cash offer was presented.  Great.

I figured I stood zero chance and resigned myself to the fact that I will be paying sky-high rent for another year.  So I texted my realtor to ask what happened and then he responded, “Whoohoo, they accepted your offer.”  What?!

I don’t know what happened with that cash offer and I don’t care. All that matters is that it worked in my favor and I’m forever grateful to the sellers for picking me.  Thanks to them, a single mom can now give her daughter a good house, with her own bedroom, and in an excellent school district.  🙂

Gold Medal for Couch Olympics?

11 Aug

My daughter and I have been hooked on the Olympics since the opening ceremony last Friday evening.  We’ve watched everything and anything NBC has been showing on network TV and loving every minute of it.

Now, if I were smart, I would be exercising while watching the Olympics.  It makes sense to work out while these amazing athletes are pushing their bodies to the limits and representing our country so proudly.

However, I am not doing that, or anything for that matter.  Our rears are parked on the couch and our eyes are glued on the TV.  If there was a Couch Olympics, I think my daughter and I would definitely win the gold medal.  Would I be proud of this accomplishment?  Well, not necessarily, but it would be fun to win something besides a pen or coffee mug.  🙂

Olympic Fever!

3 Aug

No, not Zika virus fever, I’m talking Olympics watching fever!  My daughter and I are so excited for the opening ceremony Friday night.  It’s so fun to see all of the athletes walk around the stadium and the Olympic Committee always manages to pull off an exciting show to get the viewers all pumped up.

With all of the chaos in the world, it’s nice to see people come together and celebrate.  I’m so looking forward to watching gymnastics, track and field, and swimming/diving.  I hope everything goes smoothly in Brazil and the events take place safely and without any major issues.

Are you excited to watch the Olympics?  What sport are you looking forward to watching?