Ahhh…Childhood Memories

16 Oct

My younger sister recently turned 40 and all I could think of was “crap, I’m old”.  So, I started thinking about all the “interesting” things we did as children.  Being only a couple of years apart, we were close and co-conspirators on many occasions.  She was also a convenient target.

I recall one day telling her crayons were like candy.  The red one tasted like cherry, yellow tasted like lemon, etc.  Being the fact she was young, naive, and way too trusting of her older sister, she tried them.  Good thing they were non-toxic since she consumed quite a few.  The more I reacted, the more she ate.  Mom wondered why she was always full for meals…

We had a brilliant idea one night after our parents went to bed.  My sister and I were hungry so we thought about popping popcorn.  Since we didn’t want to wake Mom and Dad up by  banging around pots and pans, we thought why don’t we use the baseboard heater in our room?  We cranked the heat as high as it would go, poured some oil on the heater and put a few kernels on to test the temperature.

Our room soon became a sweat lodge and we grew frustrated wondering why none of the kernels were popping.  By that time, Mom and heard the ruckus in our room and came in to investigate.  The popcorn experiment was shut down and two sweat-soaked kids were disciplined.   I can’t believe we didn’t get creativity points for that one.

We also liked to play dress-up and recreate scenes from some of our favorite shows.  One of our favorites was “Emergency”.  It had a couple hot paramedics and was filled with all sorts of exciting drama…perfect for re-enactment.  Many a relative was tortured with multiple performances from not only “Emergency” but other shows as well.  We even had original material and costumes…Santa Claus and Rudolph never looked the same after we got a hold of them and twisted their tales.

Our family members were good sports enduring concerts (Dad and I always brought out “Take me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver) and makeup/dress-up sessions.  Grandpa and Dad were dressed in wigs, scarves, and buried in stuffed animals.  They never complained.  Then again, it was usually during happy hour so a bomb could go off and they’d probably shrug it off.

It was a great time.  Being a kid and not having a care in the world except for what cartoon was on TV or who you were going to play with that day.  My sister and I have had our ups and downs, but in the end we are sisters and that’s a special bond we’ll always have.  Well, that and crayons.

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