I Survived the Swim

6 Dec

Well, I survived the first date.  I was such a nervous wreck all day and up until the moment I was escorted to the table at the restaurant.  It’s one thing to chat with someone via email and see pictures, but quite another to meet them in person.  Will they live up to the pictures?  Will they be as friendly as the emails or be a complete jerk?

I was pleasantly surprised that he did not look scary and did look like his pictures.  The conversation flowed smoothly (which explains why we were at the restaurant for 3 1/2 hours) and he asked me lots of normal questions.  I was waiting for the conversation to get all weird and perverted and it never did.  We actually talked a lot about our kids, our childhood, our likes/dislikes, and what we want for the future.

It was a great evening.  I have to say it was very nice to have someone treat me to dinner and not complain about how much it cost.  Someone who actually walked me to my car and said they enjoyed my company.  For once, it was great to feel important and attractive.

We’ve exchanged many texts since then and he’s indicated he’d like to see me again but who knows.  I would love to go out but if it doesn’t happen it ‘s not the end of the world.  At this point, the last thing I need is to get involved with someone.  I’m actually looking forward to having my independence and not having to answer to another person.

It was just a comfort knowing that after a divorce you can date again and are worthy of finding the perfect person for you.

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