Poo Pause

9 Apr

I think about this all the time, but especially did today after it was discussed on a local morning radio show.  The hosts were talking about using public restrooms for a poo break and how women have a very difficult time going when another woman is in the bathroom.

This is SO true!  Why is that?  It’s a normal, human function, yet we’re like a deer in headlights and frozen in a “I can’t go” state until we are alone.  You’ll then let out a sigh of relief, start doing your thing, and then freeze again when you hear the restroom door open.

The next thought is, “Oh crap!”, and your body has a similar and unwanted reaction. You wince and wait.  Unfortunately for you, the other woman also has a need that clearly conflicts with yours.  Thus the waiting game begins.

It’s so ridiculous to sit there for a substantial amount of time, but yet you will, for fear of embarrassing yourself.  Of course, the other woman feels the same way, so it becomes the battle of the wills and bodily controls.

My wish would be for public restrooms to have sealed-off stalls for these events to take place in, so it’s private and contained.  An alternative would be to blast music and shoot air freshener through the vents.  That way, you will have the tunes to sing to, drown out any unwanted noises, and experience a pleasant smell to drown out any noxious fumes.  It would be like a nightclub bathroom on a Friday night but without the booze, line, vomit, and lack of toilet paper.

I think I’m onto something here…hello managers of public and corporate restrooms? Trust me, you will increase productivity in the bathrooms and work cubes by adding these couple little ambiance enhancers.

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