Auto Shop Angel

28 Jul

After my car disaster last week, I was certain I was going into financial ruin and my insurance would go sky high as a result of the pillar incident.  But, as luck would have it, I talked to a co-worker who referred me to an auto repair shop where I met my Auto Angel.

Initially, he quoted me the same obscene amount to fix the car as the other shops did.  However, what he did do that the other shops didn’t do, was offer alternatives.  He offered to touch up the scratches for free if I provided touch-up paint, which I already had to fix previous nicks in the paint.

It was refreshing to have a retailer not only offer various solutions, but to help me for nothing. How many times I’ve felt taken advantage of in an auto shop because they assume I’m a woman and know nothing about cars.

This man not only saved me from spending a lot of money and paying higher rates, but also restored my faith in the belief that there are still good and honest people out there willing to help another human being.  After daily barrages of bad news and hatred, it’s nice to know there are still nice, decent men and women who care and want to lend a hand.

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